Being too foward? Is he flirting? What's my next move?

I have a guy that comes in to work (I'm a cashier). The first time he came in I said hi welcome to blank he smiled & says hi got his stuff got in line I look up I see him I smile he smiles back well when he I was ringing him up I asked how he was some how he ended up telling me what he does for a living(he's an architect that works next door) I jokingly said oh so you get to draw all day he laughed and said something like that get tidies sometimes. He looks over his shoulder smiles and then leaves. Well last week he came in again took me completely of guard because I was stocking got called up to the register helped a customer looked up he was there he smiled I smiled back rung him up asked him his name he told me ...I'm wondering if I should give him my number of if I should wait a little bit longer?
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soooo...he came in the day after I asked this go figure...i did it I gave him my number (so out of character for me I'm usually the shy girl)...agian with all the smiles lol...but before he left he said "i'll be back don't you worry" that a good thing?i would think so...then the REAL question is:is he going to call/text?
Being too foward? Is he flirting? What's my next move?
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