Do attractive people feel entitled to being approached?

Having walked around in public places my entire life, I've noticed a huge difference in the "methods of engagement" between attractive girls and lesser attractive girls.

Whenever I pass by a lesser attractive girl (in a social environment), she usually looks for eye contact and has a "welcoming" posture. We then exchange a few pleasant words and move on. Lesser attractive girls appear more polite and engaging.

Now, when it comes to attractive girls, it's almost the complete opposite. They take one good look at me, then either turn away or look down. This is as if to say "you talk to me first, then I'll open up!" Rarely is there a genuine greeting, just silence as they await for me to initiate everything. If toilet paper was a guy, attractive girls would have filthy, feces caked butts because they would never use it unless it grew wings and "initiated".

Why is that? I have some theories of my own, but I want to know first whether or not I'm crazy.

Do attractive people feel entitled to being approached?
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