Does ex like me?

We've been broken up for a very a long time and hadn't spoken in 3 months or so.

In the three weeks that we've made up, he's initiated at least half of the contact we've had. He makes comments to me if I'm not talking but he does not do it to anyone else. He's always facing me, glancing at me or turning around to look at me (either walk by or just standing there.) He plays this song that he knows I hate on purpose every time he sees me.

He stole my shoe and hid it in his car for awhile. He also tried to open the door while I was leaning on it. He intentionally played music that I showed him/music he knows we used to listen to together. He smiles a lot of the time that we are talking. He pays attention to everything that I say/remembers a lot of it. He tells me things that I don't really need to know (such as that he doesn't have any text messages.) He found out my mom had blocked his number previously and just kept repeating, "It's just funny." If I'm touching him, he doesn't pull away at all either.

But he doesn't try to talk to me everyday, but very often, nonetheless.

Does ex like me?
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