Is he playing games or really interested?

This guy and I have been talking a lot and flirting at work. He complimented my eyes 4 days in a row about 3x a day and would just stare at me until I looked him in the eyes and then he'd just be smiling and we'd laugh. It was super cute. He seems to always make eye contact as I walk by etc. He has yet to ask for my number/Facebook/hang out. I asked him last week and this week if he'd like to bring his friends and hang out with my friends and I at a bonfire or this amusement park. Both times he never gave a definite answer (which is a no) and I know he didn't have plans. What game is this guy playing? IF he's interested and knows I'm interested, why wouldn't he try to make something of it? (Not bf/gf, just summer fling) P.S. He's from Mexico & 23, not shy but not super outgoing and flirty with other girls we work with, bashful, his english isn't perfect
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Today, he texted his friend asking how "his girl" being me was. The friend then told me he has a crush on me and wants to ask me on a date or something. The guy I like I guess told him he was going to send me an email (except he doesn't have my email). Why not just ask for my number in person? Again, are they just messing around or does he really like me. I didn't personally read the messages, so things could have gotten lost in translation...What's the deal?
Is he playing games or really interested?
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