Why set up a date if she's not going to attend/respond? so confused!

So I haven't seen this girl for some time now. We used to work together and we hit it off great. I texted her on wed and said what's up. We got to talking a little and she wasn't too happy with school and some other stuff going on in her life. Before I could respond to anything she said "we should grab some coffee or something soon". I agreed and attempted to set up a time to meet. She asked what I was doing Thursday since she had all day off, well I worked all day Thursday and then she had a bridesmaid party or something around 5 that day so that idea was out. I suggested Friday after she was out of work and she said she might be able to do that but she also may have a outside concert thing with her girlfriend for a little. I said sat and sun I was free all day. She works all day Saturday and she said nothing about Sunday.

Anyways, I texted her around 130pm wed and said "hey" ...nothing, no response. I knew she was at work so I kinda let it slide. (she works till 7 on Fridays). So then around 530 I texted her and was like "coffee or something later" - trying to show I was still interested in meeting up. NOTHING, no response, no reply, nothing, nada...

why? why not at least say something like "hey, I'm actually going to end up going to that concert with my girlfriend I was telling you about" or "hey I'm really busy can we do it another time"...i don't get it? why leave me hanging like that?There have been other incidence where she won't respond to texts and then other days she's right on top of responding and trying to meet up...i feel like I dunno, I'm being led on? like she tries to make plans or I try to and then nothing ever goes through. She seemed so interested in hanging out, but then when it came down to it I got ignored..

why did I get ignored? did I do something wrong here, did I not try hard enough, I didn't want to seem pushy or desperate because I'm not. I just don't understand why she wouldn't have given me an answer or at least told me that Friday wasn't good and that we'd go a different time, I knew from the beginning Friday was up in the air but normally when you leave things up in the air you get back to that person to clarify if you're down to do it or not, am I wrong?

woke up today and no response...her birthday is on Tuesday and I was going to get her something small, as a friend would. Her favorite candies are skittles and I had a cd made out for her because she kept asked me for cd's when we worked together. I thought it was nice because its small, not expensive, nothing crazy and its thoughtful...

so ladies, what am I doing wrong? why wouldn't she respond...sure I know the answer could have been "shes busy" but like I said sometimes she responds and others she doesn't, I just don't get the concept behind it - am I wasting my time here?
Why set up a date if she's not going to attend/respond? so confused!
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