What is it about a guy that will make other guys less bold when checking out a girl he's with?

I've noticed a difference in the way guys check me out when I'm with a certain type of guy. I've been on a date with a really scrawny guy who just kind of radiates this vibe that he's not very aggressive. You can tell he's not a fighter. Guys checked me out like he wasn't even there. I dated this other guy who was pretty tall, visibly muscular and really protective over me. I don't know if it was a difference in their looks or something about them you could just sense. But guys would not check me out so boldly when I was with guy number two! A lot of guys wouldn't even look at me for more than 10 seconds. I don't know if the guy got a mean look over his face or something lol I don't think so. I remember once we were on our way to a restaraunt and this guy was checking me out like in a really obvious way so I looked back at him for a few seconds because it was awkward lol then guy #2 got this look in his eyes. Not like a scary or mean look. I don't know how to explain it. Is it a guy thing where guys send out some kind of signal or something? lol Another example is at the club. When I'm at the club and I'm walking around by myself, guys check me out to a point where it can be creepy. To be honest, I don't like the attention. It makes me uncomfortable especially if the guy is staring at me like an owl! I just don't like it and it can get really annoying. But when I'd be with guy number 2 in the club, that never happened! Maybe it did, but not to a certain extreme when I was with guy number 2. I didn't notice this until after guy number 2 and I stopped dating and I'd be in the club being creeped out by guys lol It was comforting in a way like I feel like some guys will get so blantant when checking you out to a point where it's just lack of being smooth and with some guys, almost disrespectful. It was nice being around guy number 2 and never having to worry about that. Another difference between guy number 1 and guy number 2 is that guy number 2 was more affectionate with me. Some people may have gotten the impression he was my man if they didn't know us. Like if I was walking in front of him, he would put his hand on the small of my back or put both hands on my waist or wrap his arms around my waist while holding my hands. So maybe some guys got the impression like "that's his girl. better back off" I don't know lol

I'm just curious what this is about. Ladies, have you noticed this as well? What is it about a certain type of guy that will make other guys less bold about checking you out? Guys, what is this about? I've also noticed it even if I'm waling around with one of my cute, more aggressive, kinda muscular friends who's a football player. But I know it's not just about muscles becuase I have a tall, skinny, lanky friend that guys don't check me out as boldy when he's around too.
What is it about a guy that will make other guys less bold when checking out a girl he's with?
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