Which of us is in denial?

My boyfriend of almost 8 months stopped seeing me regularly, saying he was busy with work and other legitimate reasons. Slowly texting and phone calls suffered. Pretty soon I was reduced to weekly or bi-weekly dates that started to feel like booty calls. I addressed this with him and he told me to be patient. Over and over. For the past two weeks there have been no phone calls, very few texts and no dates. I told him I NEEDED to see him and he said no he was too busy. So I texted him that I was done with him until he decided that he had room for me in his life.

He freaked out, didn't want me to "talk like that" but didn't push to see me or talk. Now he's texting me that he doesn't know what to do about me but I just live so far away (40 miles) that it's impractical. I told him I love him and miss him but will not wait like this. And then I told him he'll find someone who is important to him because I obviously am not.

I am not playing games. I hope he's happy. Of course I wish it was with me, but it won't be. Why can't he just break up with me or commit?
Which of us is in denial?
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