How to handle being around the ex?

We've been broken up a couple of months now. I was quite upset at first (she dumped me for another guy) but am moving on slowly. I have had zero contact with her but have now let her back into my life a little as we have a lot of mutual friends and knew I'd eventually have to stop avoiding each other.

Two things still bother me though. One is that I don't want to be all buddy buddy which is the way she is acting now I've started speaking to her. The second is she is still seeking my attention when other girls are around. I have no trouble attracting girls and am starting to enjoy meeting new people. But its kinda hard to do when your ex hovers around. I don't even know why as she is still dating the guy she dumped me for and in all honesty he's a pretty cool guy!

What do I say to make her back off a little WITHOUT causing a fight or too much drama?
How to handle being around the ex?
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