Should I just get girls numbers?

So whenever I'm trying to pick up a girl out of the blue, sometimes to mix it up be unpredictable and not the stereotypical guy preying on a girl, to seal the deal a lot of times I prefer to ask for the girls phone, and tell her I'm sticking my number in her phone, instead of asking for her number. Part of this is because like I said I want to do something memorable because most guys probably just ask for the girls number, but the other reason is that I only want to further pursue something if SHE is totally into it, I don't want to hit someone up and get a date or whatever out of them just from the kindness of their heart.

SOOO... my question is should I just abandon that strategy and start going back to just getting the girls number?

And the thing is these girls have seen interested too. The first time was at the end of may on a school trip to orlando, I met this girl on a charter bus , she came and sat down next to me, after some conversation we found out we actually only live about 30 miles away, and we continued to go on to have one of the best convos I've ever had with a female before, so before I got off the bus I slipped her my number, and I never heard back from her since. The second time was a couple weeks ago at a cpr class, with this girl we only exchanged a couple one liners back and forth not really a long drawn out convo like the last girl, but I could tell without a doubt she was eyeing my up from the start . so before I left I remember coming up to her , saying something cheesy and flirty involving cpr, and slipping my number in her phone...1 week later no phone call.

So what's the deal ladies? Were these girls actually not interested or am I just going about this all wrong?

p.s. ...I ramble, sorry, nasty habit
Should I just get girls numbers?
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