Guys supposedly show their love by actions?

I heard that guys are more likely to show affection/love by what they do rather than saying those 3 words. by the way I'm not meaning sex, more helping out, etc. Do you agree or have any examples?

Eg background info - a close friend sent me a song he recorded - it wasn't recorded for me as it was done a while ago, but I know he's very shy about it and I know I'm the only one that has a copy. Yep we have slept together and briefly mentioned the idea of a relationship. I'm not long out of one. He sent me the song after all this. Just trying to see if that's the sort of thing men do.
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Meant to add he is out of the country for 6 months so most communication is by email for now. I can't read his body language so having to go on gestures or words.
Guys supposedly show their love by actions?
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