I want to talk to my crush: GUYS' ADVICE!

OK, so there's this guy I like but I don't how to talk to him, and its summer brake, we have never talked except for when we had to do a school project together, but were friends on Facebook, do you think I should start a conversation with him on there? I'm scared of what he'll say, plus I'm extremely shy, and have no idea if he likes me, I've caught him looking at me a couple times, and we held eye contact the one time we talked, but I'm still not sure, so should I talk to him, or just forget it? He gives a lot of mixed signals,and if so how? What do I say? Ugh, I'm just so shy, please help! and also my friend messaged him telling him that I liked him a few months ago, he showed up in front of my class and looked at me in the cafeteria but that's it. ( his lunch was before mine).
I want to talk to my crush: GUYS' ADVICE!
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