Is there something there or is he just having fun?

I like guy that I work with. At first, I told myself not to but I fell anyways. He's very flirty with everyone so we both flirt together a lot. A few people think we like each other. His friend who's a girl hates me now. We've got out just us a few times but I'm never sure if it's a date or just hanging out. He always pays and drives and he always plans it. When we leave each other we take forever to say goodbye. He hugs me for a long time and then pulls away slowly leaving his arms around me. Yes, it sounds like he likes me but he does this with a lot of people. He's just like that.

People think he's different with me but I'm still unsure. When we go out with friends sometimes he sits with me, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he goes days without texting me, other times we text for hours at a time. He always says he wants to get to know me more. With everything we now know about each other it seems like we will get along great, and we have so far.

He always kissed my cheek and forehead a lot. But again, it could just be a friendly gesture that means nothing. I met his parents when I was at his house one day. They came home and dropped something off and then went to dinner in claims that they didn't want to interrupt.

I'm trying to leave the ball in his court, but I'm not even sure where he stands right now. Any thoughts?
Is there something there or is he just having fun?
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