Is she waiting for me to make the first move?

So I have feelings for this girl who is unlike any other girl. She's very confident and strong but thing is she has a lot of pride; she is afraid to be open because it makes her feel too vulnerable. When it comes to other guys who she might have an interest in, it seems like she always waits until these guys express their interest in her first. And once they do express their interest, she would then express her interest in the guy. Over the years she has been very open with me and as of lately I have been too. I'm planning to tell her how I feel very soon but for the time being I'm hinting and flirting and in turn she's sort of doing the same. So just based on the things I've provided about her. . .

1) Do you think she is waiting for me to express how I feel before she expresses how she feels?

2) Do girls like it when the guy expresses his feelings first?

3) Do girls actually wait for guys to express their feelings first?
Is she waiting for me to make the first move?
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