I didn't ask her out mainly because I didn't want to break her heart. I don't know what to really do next!?

Hey so there's this girl that I've been talking to on and off for close to 3.5 years now. At first we were each others prom dates (just as friends though) and she kinda started to like me then, but I wasn't sincerely for it at the time so I didn't ask her out then; mainly cause I didn't want to break her heart if I found someone better in college soon. (which I was about to start later in the year and she would only be a sophomore in high school)

So I stayed true to how I felt at the time dispite the opportunity and that all of our mutual friends for the most part were for us getting together and convinced we would be great together. Plus I did find a girl later on that fall that I liked a lot and mesh with my life interests/activities quite well. But things didn't lead to a relationship with the girl I met in college, because for me there just wasn't enough signs saying "yes" for me to be sure enough to go for it ya know?(which happens,we became great friends instead and started going to the same church and all), so that's where that one ended up going.

So I started talking to the girl I had gone to prom with again and occasionally when we could, her, myself and some of our friends that were in support of us dating would get together and have some fun watching movies and dart gun wars lol.

Time passed she invited me to her birthday party and graduation party.( which were not that long ago) and things although gradual did progress in a positive direction. (i.e she was not her usual shy self when I was with her, and she let me put my arm around her when we were watching a movie at her house and didn"t pull away.)

So her and I have been talking off and on (more often so) for about 7 months now. but at times it doesn't feel like to me that she is all that interested in talking to me at all lately.(i.e I seem to have to get ahold of her first then she'll talk with me) The only times lately it seems that she gets ahold of me first is for her graduation and birthday parties to invite me.

I like this girl and I'm starting to see what our mutual friends may have long sinse seen before I did. in how that it could work well between me and this girl. but because of the lack of communication between us I'm not too sure anymore, and am kinda at a loss for what to do sinse I work almost every day of the week and she just babysits family and not much else last time I asked.We're going to be going to the same school this fall and only live like 15 min apart. And I have a hunch that both could provide an opportunity for things to progress between her and i. She did clue me in on something of a personal preference in that she doesn't like a guy that can't make up his mind and takes a long time to decide if he wants her. which for me was like "omg! I just got a big hint!" it came out of her asking me about some mutual friends that use to date each other and one of them I told her took too long to decide.

Im just asking for some advice and help on how and or what to do next
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I went and spent some time with my Female BFF and her family this past weekend.(gone for 4 days) Prior to this the girl in the above question hadn't really talked to me a whole lot lately, and low and behold the night I get down there she starts texting me and wondering what I'm up to and talks to me for like 30mins straight, and then messages me later that weekend proposing an idea for a trip to a nearby themepark back where she lives the following weekend and wants me to go with her.
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Now at the time I was kinda like " well this is kinda sudden and questionable? " (the part about texting me the night that I first got down to my BFF's house. But before not really giving much effort)

Plus When I did get back and was unpacking the day after I got back she messages me telling me " I miss hanging out with you!" , I'm thinking "Uhh if you miss me that much you should just call me up and we'll plan something"
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So she finally calls me up other day and we eventually plan to go to the themepark she had in mind for this coming weekend. She asks me to see if anyone else wants to go, and she herself asks around and it has ended up being just us two being able to go. So thoughts anyone? Men? Women?
I didn't ask her out mainly because I didn't want to break her heart. I don't know what to really do next!?
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