Can you translate from boyspeak to english?

so, I met this guy recently and we kind of hit it off.

he came over to my house on Friday and we were like hugging, holding hands, he gave me the cutest little peck on the cheek.

yesterday, though, we went out to the movies to see harry potter with a friend of mine (who introduced us in the first place) and his cousin (who I met the same day I met him) and he was really distant, barely talking to me, not touching me at all.

i sent him an inbox saying I needed to talk to him and fell asleep.

at 1 a.m. I got a call from him saying it was important for me to log on skype and talk to him, so I did.

i asked him why he had acted so differently and explained to me he's interested in me and cares for me and my happiness. he said he didn't want to hurt me.

he also said he wanted me to get to know him better, but that he didn't want to make me suffer.

he explained to me that with his previous relationships (we're both teenagers so it's not like he was about to get married) everything was going fine with the girls and then he would meet another girl that would be more interesting to him than his current girlfriend and he would end up liking her and the girl would either find out on her own or he would flat out tell them.

i explained to him what my ex did to me and he swore he is nothing like him and that he would never do that to me. if anything, he would want to undo what my ex.

so guys.

if you understand anything of what went on this morning at 1...

explain it to me, please.
Can you translate from boyspeak to english?
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