Is this just a crush or could it eventually be a relationship?

Me and this guy have known each other for over 15 years and we both have a strong attraction towards each other. 15 years ago I first met him, we liked each other a lot but I was underage. We eventually lost touch until 8 years later when we bumped into each other. The feelings we once had were still there stronger than ever. As time went on we eventually lost touch again. We both went on with our lives and had relationships with other people. Now just a week ago we come together yet again. He tells me how much he had a crush on me and that he should have tried a relationship with me 8 years ago instead of going down the path he did. We have hung out since we reconnected recently and we even ended up kissing. He even invited me over for supper one night but cancelled the next day. Within the last few months, we both have gotten out of a serious relationship that didn't work out. He told me he finds me attractive and very nice but is not ready for a relationship. Neither am I. He also says he wants to still be friends but it is hard to stay away from me when I am so close to him. Is this just his way of creating distance from his feelings towards me so it don't turn into a relationship or is he simply not interested?
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Since my question, this guy and I have met on numerous occasions and we have ended up having sex. We both continue to flirt back and forth and the passion and chemistry is definitley there but sometimes I feel like I am getting mixed feelings from him. What should I do?
Is this just a crush or could it eventually be a relationship?
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