Is he shy or just not interested?

so a friend likes this guy I kind of like too, but she told me that he likes me. it turns out that she actually told him I liked him and then he said something like... she's not bad... her friend also told me that he likes me cause she's kind of friends with him too. before it was just like on his birthday I post on his wall and he commented to say 'thankyouuu :) xx' then he liked my profile picture and well that was it. but then I got the guts to talk to him on Facebook once and the conversation went quite well. he was really really friendly and he apologized later for not talking to me as much cause his internet connection keeps failing. but then he never spoke to me on Facebook again cause I don't really see him anymore. sometimes when I post something on my wall like 'im sick' he said get well soon and then I liked his profile pic and a couple of posts. I'm just a bit confused. sorry it was so long but I tried giving as much information as possible so you'd understand.
Is he shy or just not interested?
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