My father jumped on me and my mom...what do I do?

Just last night my father jumped on me and hit me with a leather belt, because we were having a disagreement. He was talking to my sister about driving and negatively using me as an example. Then I said something, and because he knew I was right he told he to be quiet. And I said something about people not wanting to hear what I have to say but wanting me to listen to them(which I know is true). Then he went and got his belt and hit me. And my mom came out of her room and got in between us to stop him from hitting me. and he hit her too. I think it made him even more angry when I tried to fight back and I kept talking. My mom told me to just go in my room and ignore him, and he followed me. Then he rapped me across my back again. And my mom got between us again so he started hitting her. And when it was over he went outside into our storage house.

I'm just so angry at him because when my mom tried to stop him he goes,"that's my child." It really upsets me because he doesn't really respect women and talk about what women do all the time, like before he got his belt he was sitting down talking, "Most of the time when a women say something, she don't mean it but when a man tell you something he mean what he say." That statement to me was very stereotypical and stupid.It really makes me mad how he got upset because I was disagreeing with him. I'm just so tired of people trying to run over me. For years, all through my childhood, he has told me(several times) "you act like you retarded." "you act like you handicap or something." or "what's wrong with you?" or "you talk like a fool." Why do I have to continue to deal with the emotional and verbal abuse, and physical too. I have been mostly emotionally and verbally abused. But I wanted so bad to call the police but my mom really can't make it by herself financial. What do I do?
My father jumped on me and my mom...what do I do?
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