Does he actually like me?

I have been on one date with a guy I liked. I said I enjoyed that date and he said he did too. Since then he suggested we meet on Sunday. Between Thurs and Sunday he did not get in touch. He had been all over me with texting earlier in the week. He emailed that he had lost my number as he had misplaced his phone. Then Mon I rang him and he was funny with me. He later rang me saying he was with friends earlier and that he didn't realize it was me calling. I texted the next night and he responded. Weds I sent text saying 'Are you not talking' and message saying to call me. He rang straight away saying he wouldn't be calling if he didn't like me. He cannot arrange a time for the second date saying he is busy with work. I feel frustrated, have no idea if he likes me or is playing games to keep me chasing him. I have trouble waiting to see if he really likes me or not. Suggestions please.
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After him ringing yesterday saying that he liked me, last night was very unpleasant. He didn't answer my calls, then texted saying that I was cornering him, pressing him, harrassing him, my behavior wasn't normal, that I scared him and was weirding him out. I only wanted to discuss what we might do on the second date. It was he who suggested we meet on Sunday, and suggested that we stay in touch by ringing or texting and him who said he would be around to take my call.
Does he actually like me?
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