I have feelings for my shy male friend. No idea what to do about it. Please help?

Here's the situation: My male friend is 24, never had a girlfriend or even dated anyone before but I know he likes girls. He has a great job, his own house, nice car etc. everything materialistic a guy could want but he's never been able to find a girl. The problem is he's very, very, very shy and quiet and tends to avoid social things like nights out at bars etc. I know he had counseling for social anxiety a year or so ago and I don't think he's completely over that- maybe it will always be there a bit I suppose. I've got a feeling he might have a bit of a girl/relationship phobia.

When I've been out with him in our group of friends (which is rare because he does avoid going out even with us sometimes) I can see how nervous he gets when girls even look at him (which they do because he is very cute) and he really can't maintain eye contact with girls himself, let alone approach or talk to them. So even when they approach him and try to start a convo he comes across as disinterested or rude because he can't speak to them he's that nervous.

The thing is once he gets comfortable around people, and knows they aren't a potential 'love interest' he opens up a bit more and is really funny and sweet. The sweetest guy I know actually.

And the problem is recently I realize I like him more than just a friend (prob always had these feelings) and I'm scared to say anything or broach the subject with him because I know it will prob frighten him to death- he seems so comfortable with me as a friend. Do you think there is anyway I can show him that it's OK to be with someone? And that maybe that girl could be me?

I've never felt so much for a guy as I do for him, but I don't want to push him away or lose him as a friend. I realize it could take time but I think I need to let him know don't I?

Thanks for your help :)
I have feelings for my shy male friend. No idea what to do about it. Please help?
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