This girl is teasing me bad and she gots a boy?

So , I'm freshly single from a 4 year old relationship

anyway, there's this girl that I met while I was with my friend in a club to get my ex out of my mind.

She is very attractive to me, funny and she really smells good.

Anyway when I came home, I added her in Facebook and I asked her if she wants to meet me at Monday for lunch. (it was Sunday when I asked her out)

She said yes and I felt really good and excited. So I went to my room and checked for a perfect outfit.

I couldn't even sleep that well because I was so excited to see her again and also without the influence of alcohol.

When I wokeup Monday morning, I checked my inbox on FB and I saw her note to me. She said that she could't meet me because she has a boyfriend. I didn't know that and I really felt bad and sad. That was about an hour before our date.

Short time forward- It was about 6 pm and I still felt bad, so I putted some clothes on and wanted to go out to the city to get some dinner, but before I left I checked my FB again. And she messaged me again, asking me If I still want to meet her.

So we did at eight pm.

I felt so good when I saw her, wearing those headbands, it was so cute. I felt really confident and sexy when I'm near her.

We sat in a bar and we got to know each other better. We talk and talk and I really thought we connected.

I had a couple of drinks and I told her that I find her very attractive and I'm so interessted about her.

So we talked about three hours straight and I offered to pay.

We were walking and talking when she suddenly said '' We can meet like this anytime , but only as friends.''.

So I thought '' Why do you still want to meet with me, even if you got a boyfriend, even after I told you that I like you more than just a friend?''

Shouldn't you rather say thanks and good bye but not interrested?

Anyway the next day she flew to Germany ,(I live in austria) for 3 days and I really missed her.

We still chatted together and I offered to pick her up at the airport when she arrives back. But she decline. The whole time.(she comes back at Friday)

I asked her if there's any chance that I can still see her before she flies away again . (shes flying to italy for vacation at Saturday)

She said , maybe.

It hurts me really bad, because I never had such a great time with a woman before, just sitting and drinking and just having a great conversation together and I'm pretty sure we clicked together.

But now she is like just leading my nose.

So I told her that I think it's better that I just let it go, because she got a man and I don't want to be such a hassle in her life.

I think I made the right choice, but I still don't understand why did she teases me that bad.

We had a connection, I am very deadly sure. But why was she bahaving like , she wants me. but only for a couple of minuites then not again?

I apologize for this long story, but its tearing me apart.

This girl is teasing me bad and she gots a boy?
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