Someone in my house?

My mom took the night shift at the hospital, my dad is in a different state, and my 9 year old brother is sleeping and I don't want to scare him. I've been hearing footsteps (I think), and creaking and I swear I heard a chair skid on my kitchen floor... I think. I'm too scared to go investigate. I don't have any pets. Do you think it's safest to pretend like no one is home/everyone is sleeping or should I make an attempt to establish that I'm awake? Maybe that would scare whoever it is away.
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Thank you everyone who answered. I honestly thought someone was in my house, but I've come to realize that it was probably in my head considering that ever since my mom started working the night shift and I've been left alone, I'm constantly paranoid about people being in my house. It seems like I hear noises every night and maybe that's just my house? Anyways, thank you!
Someone in my house?
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