I'm such a tease! How do you ladies feel about this?

I'm always giving a girl a little bit, then taking it away, but still escalating slowly.

Like with a girl who I know likes me or at least flirts back with me, I'll touch her lower back, or pull her close to tell her something right in her ear and just be generally touchy. Then then next time I see her I won't touch her too much, maybe a hug goodbye and that's it.

I'll ask a girl what she's doing on the weekend, then when she says nothing (she's trying to tell me she's free), I say oh that sucks, and tell her that I won't be up to much either, maybe hanging with some friends, then drop the subject. (lol)

I get off from withholding for some reason. It's kinda mean because these girls might be developing feelings for me but I just flirt with them and then don't move quickly enough or I don't do the next logical think which is ask them out.

What goes through your mind ladies, when someone is flirty but doesn't ask you out. Or if someone is flirty, then suddenly just acts friendly. But then goes back to flirty and you feel like it's any day now he'll ask you out but he hasn't yet.

Teasing is fun!
I'm such a tease! How do you ladies feel about this?
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