Why are guys so reluctant to date me?

I smile a lot. Yeah, I'm not the most attractive person out there, but I'm not THAT ugly, am I?

I'm always in a good mood, and I'm not afraid to talk to people. AND I treat everyone equally. I make sure that if I'm in a group I engage everybody in conversation, and if there's someone near and they are looking bored and left out, even if I don't know them, I go over and introduce myself and everyone else, and ask if they want to hang with us. I stand up for everyone I see being bullied, including animals. I hate to see suffering, and everyone says they like that trait about me.

Everyone that I meet seems to like me a lot, guys and girls alike. They say I'm one of the best friends they've ever known. After all, how many people ASK you to call them at 3 am if somethings wrong?

And they compliment me, say I'm very sincere and genuine, I'm 'a riot', and that I'm really fun to be around. So why do none of them want to date me? I've been through this scenario multiple times, and I've never in my life had a boyfriend. I flirt, and try my best to give all the right signals and all...What am I doing wrong? Or could it possibly be something with my looks? What could I do to improve them?
Why are guys so reluctant to date me?
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