I feel like my mom wants me to be on drugs?

I recently graduated from college which my family did not attend. My mom has been abusive in the past pushing me down the stairs, slapping, biting, punching banging my head in to walls and pulling my hair. You would think I had cursed or stole from my mom the way she has beat me. My brother and sister do not take up for me. I don't have a loving family. I want to be loved and have that relationship with someone. I am still a virgin. I work and I am going to grad school in the fall. I pay my own bills and live by myself. I just don't understand why my mom dislike me so much. I am not a bum. I am doing something with my life. I am not perfect but its better to have a daughter doing something with her life than sitting at home having babies and not educated. I just feel my family would feel better if I was a NOBODY. advice please?
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I just feel like my family is so critical of me LIKE THEY ARE PERFECT.
I feel like my mom wants me to be on drugs?
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