Did she want me to ask her out?

Forgive me if I seem dense, but was this her way of telling me she wanted to do something with me?

This girl the moment I met her has always been the type to go out and party or do something every single day. She'd always say she was going out and was going to a concert, party, etc etc.

Well recently I've been getting the feeling that she likes me. She's been touching me and I've been touching her and we sit rather close, in each others personal space. We tease each other and she always seems happy around me.

Well anyway, just making small talk, I asked her what she was gonna be up to this weekend. To my surprise she said she wasn't doing anything!

I wasn't insinuating that I was going to ask her out, I just wanted to hear her plans. You think she was subtly telling me that she was OK with me asking her out to do something? I just find it odd that this social butterfly is not doing anything on the weekend. What do you think?
Did she want me to ask her out?
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