I'm telling her about my feelings. Please advise about my approach!

We've been hanging out allot and I really like her. Some people actually thing we have something going on and I do not know how she feels about me and we do not flirt much - I'm shy and even though she doesn't look like I feel like she's also shy on these terms.

Yesterday at a bbq I complimented her on her earings and said that I like how she matched them with the color of her shirt. #Is this a good compliment or just a very common one?#

She replied with a small smile that she thought a lot in what to wear. I thought that that was her way of appreciating the compliment. #Am I right?#

After that we had good conversations, mostly about her, just a little about me and the rest about random topics when we joined small separated groups and eating our food. As an introvert, I'm not a very talkative person so I find it easier talking/asking something about her (same with other people).

I really had a good time yesterday and tried to convince myself that I want to let her know how I feel since it's now been like 3 months since we hang out and can't keep it inside me. When it got late I drove her to her car and basically I chickened out - got angry with myself for not saying anything and now I'm really confused/anxious. I don't want to lose my chance even if I risk rejection but I'd like to know if the approach I'm thinking is fine to do or not.

----Need your feedback on this: -----

I'm sure that very soon (coming days) I will meet her with some of her friends and want to get over it. I read that sometimes it helps preparing what you are going to say so could you advice? I have the urge to tell her what I feel just before meeting the rest her friends with something like this:

eye contact: (girls' name), I'd like to tell you something important before meeting the others as I don't want to keep this inside me and want to be honest with you. I like being with you and feel something special when I'm around you especially when I see you smile and hear you laugh. Now that I said it I feel much better and you don't need to say anything but I felt its only fair if you know my intentions/desire in dating you.

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I asked her. Now more confused. Had all prepared but ended up saying otherwise and probably not at the very best of time though it was just before we said goodbye and we were alone.

I was so nervous that I think I forgot what I said but can remember well what she said. She said that its not something about me and she's sorry but she won't be available to anyone for the time being. I got even more confused and answered she shouldn't be sorry and maybe for next time.

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I'm not exactly happy but feel sad for her in having her saying and feeling that way because of me. We still made plans to 'hang out' with other friends very soon and I'm not exactly giving up since she didn't say a definite no. Still I feel like I want to clarify things with her not with the intention of changing her mind instantly but to show her how/why I like her so much.

I feel bit relieved in showing her I'm interested but with a guilt feeling of doing it d wrong way:(
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Well, she sent an email saying that she has no space 4 relationships right now, that she doesn't feel the same thing I feel for her and that she cannot force emotions. Guess I should move on but this sad feeling will not go away easily. Something deep inside tells me I should still 'hope' for future though this time I'd expect it to be her to make the move if she could maybe consider me as future relationship. Could I just be day dreaming for this 'hope' to happen?

ps-good luck 2u and thx!
I'm telling her about my feelings. Please advise about my approach!
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