Is it okay if a girls asks you to do something romantic?

Hi Guys/Gals,

So my questions says it all...Here's a brief detail of my relationship so you guys can see where I'm coming from. I have dated this guy off/on for about 2yrs and in the beginning, like all boys, he was super romantic, came up with dates, bought me flowers, baked me stuff (he's a chef). We went through some rough patches and are currently "dating, not exclusively " and this has been going on for 3 months now. We do go out and make plans and have a great time. Our relationship is better than ever...but he doesn't do those romantic things. No flowers no suprise dates to my favorite art galleries or exhibits no small details... I surpised him with tickets to a concert he had been dying to see...I brought him dinner...and I'm constantly thinking of things we can do together that he would enjoy and myself aswell...Would it be out of line to ask him to do something romantic for me. I'm a very independent and low maintenacne type of girl. I'm not asking for tiffanys or romantic getaways...Just a rose with a note would make my day. :) something simple!...Since we are not "exclusive" am I out of line to wnat these things? We call each other babe and honey and are by all means doing things an exclusive boyfriend and girlfriend would do only we don't have the title and this is fine with both of us..Would you guys mind if a girl asked you to just do something romantic?

I just wnat to text him something like "hey honey do something small and romantic for me...yeah?" my friends sya this is desperate and it should come from him...but then others are saying that maybe he's settled and doesn't feel like he's supposed to...
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Is it okay if a girls asks you to do something romantic?
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