What kind of boyfriend are these people talking about?

I don't have a boyfriend, haven't had one in a long time, I would like one but I'm not out there approaching every guy in hopes that one will want to be my boyfriend.

i get annoyed when people assume that I have a boyfriend.

-girls will say stuff like " I went to yada yada with my boyfriend the other day, you and your boyfriend should check it out"

-older lady would say " my husband loves blah blah blah, I'm sure your boyfriend loves that stuff too"

-bitchy annoying single girl says " how come you never talk about your boyfriend? "

-dad says " what were you up to the other night? you were out with your boyfriend wernt you?" and I was really annoyed when he said that lol

-my aunt says " haven't seen you in a long time... so tell me all about your boyfriend"

-nice but creepy old guy with gray hair says " what do you mean you don't have a boyfriend? oh so you must be breaking hearts then"

-young guy closer to my age says "no boy friend? what is wrong with you then?

-really good looking but corny guy says that line to find out if I have a boyfriend, you know the one where he compliments you first and then is like "i bet your boyfriend must like that about you too" lol and then I start laughing because it was lame and I saw it coming and he was not thinking at all about wanting to be my boyfriend, well maybe a boyfriend for the night.

when people say thoes things to me, they make it sound like I am abnormal and that finding a boyfriend is so easy. but what kind of boyfriend are they talking about? I have never met any guy that is in a hurry to fall for a girl and be in a relationship. well there was this one guy but he was getting way too emotional too soon and it was all too fast, he had some issues because he had just got out of a relationship and it seemed like he just wanted to be with somebody!

i am 22 years old, I love my life but I would like to add some romance to it. How do I get a boyfriend?

What kind of boyfriend are these people talking about?
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