Why is it that no guys want a relationship anymore?

All guys ever want these days are FWB, what's the deal? I have a bunch of female friends going through the same thing as well. My best friend is in a friends with benefits relationship with a guy that isn't dating anyone else and just wants to have sex with her. They hang out all the time, I'm like "so why aren't you just dating?" She's like "He doesn't want to go there." But she puts up with it because she hopes that maybe one day he'll change his mind.

I just don't understand it. I feel like I'm asking for someone to marry me after the first date by ever wanting to be bf/gf. I have only a few ounces of faith in relationships left. I feel like just caving and giving up on finding love, because I'm not even sure why I believe in it, I've never truly seen it outside of platonic love and BS movies. It seems like the only guys that DO want a relationship have gotten screwed early with kids or are scarily clingy and desperate.

Can someone shed some light on this?
Why is it that no guys want a relationship anymore?
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