Avoiding conflict? What to do in this situation?

I have been dating this person for half a year now, and he has ADD =he takes medication for it=. I have been able to understand =with his help too= what it is like and try to manage the relationship in a successful way.

I am afraid of just one thing: even though he has claimed to be a calm person when conflict arises, he gets verbally abusive, narcissistic and seems to avoid confrontation abruptly. Not so long ago we had a conflict where I was explaining him my dissatisfaction =in a non aggressive, neutral and objective way= towards a situation. This is the second time it ever happens.

The first time I was condescending so the problem was left unsolved. I don't want to give him the tools to think he can / or try to manipulate me, so my friends advised me to stop contacting him until he talks to me. What would you do in this situation? What if he contacts =instead of trying to solve the situation= pretending nothing has ever happened?
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What I mean with conflict is confrontation.
Avoiding conflict? What to do in this situation?
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