Am I flirting too much with other guys?

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 months now and we are doing really well. The only thing is that he lives 2 hours away from me so we have to wait about 2 or 3 weeks between the times that we get to see each other in person. Other than that, we Skype or talk on the phone every night, and text all throughout the day. I just don't like that I barely get to spend time with him in person, and sometimes I feel like I'm still… single I guess (I know that sounds bad). I don't ever cheat on him but at work guys flirt with me a lot and just guy friends that I have hit on me a lot. Sometimes I find myself flirting back but lately I’ve been texting 2 guys in particular that I know a lot lately and they both call me gorgeous and beautiful and send me winky faces and things like that and I just kind of go along with it. I didn’t ever think of it as bad until today when one of the guys asked me to go on a date with him tonight. I had to tell him I had a boyfriend and he said “Wow…since when?” When he said that I felt bad that I haven’t been acting like I had a boyfriend. I guess it just flatters me that these guys hit on me and I get to see them almost every day so it’s fun for me just to be flirty. Is this wrong? Is it considered almost cheating?
Am I flirting too much with other guys?
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