We had one date and he asked me what I was looking for, why?

We had an amazing first date, got on really well, lots of laughs and kissing, have lots in common. We both said we wanted to do it again soon. Via text a few days later he asked me what I was looking for - a relationship or something more casual.

I answered that I wasn't sure, I was open to idea of a relationship if I clicked with somebody etc. He said he was the same. When I asked him why he asked that he said he thought it was important to be open about wants and needs from the start, so that nobody gets hurt etc. Which is true.

He then said he wouldn't want me to feel like I had to turn down other dates. What does this mean? Why did he ask? Was he trying to express interest and suss out if I was planning on dating other people also? Was he trying to see how I felt about him also seeing other people rather than exclusively dating each other?

What was his reason for asking this after just one date?

Since our first date despite saying he would like to go on another date, we haven't pinned down a day and time as he has said he is very busy with work commitments and isn't sure when he is free.

I also don't know if that is a genuine reason or blowing me off. He seems like a nice, genuine guy in person.
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Also, the fact that he asked this question so early on I find unusual, and it made me bit uncomfortable.
We had one date and he asked me what I was looking for, why?
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