Nothing but mixed signals. Confusing guy - need help

Why is it when you find a guy/girl you like you get nothing but mixed signals. Signs that he wants to be with you but god forbid he give up his single life and hanging with the boys. I get that girls can be just as confusing as guys but I am a girl so I am talking about guys here. Here are just some of the mixed signals I have gotten from someone who I am going to say is "friends with benefits"

1. Holding my hand (hmmm - but you want to be single)

2. Let's have pillow talk after?

3. I want to learn to do some new things and you want to be the one to teach me.

4. Calling me "babe" why do guys do that - is it cause they like the girl or don't want to get girls names mixed up?

5. I can't wait to be together again

6. Cuddling and spending the night

than we go to the I want to be single

1. Let's meet up later - later comes no text/call

2. I text for my "booty call" no response not even the next day

3. I will give you a call later - why say that if your not going to bother

4. I don't want a relationship right now - please refer to the above

So I guess my question guys and/or girls what do you make of the above? Why not be straight forward with each other don't make promises you don't intend to keep. Is it just the convience of having the guy/girl lingering and waiting for you to say "let's hook up?" is that why people do it.
Nothing but mixed signals. Confusing guy - need help
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