Girls how do you check out guys?

So Until recently I used to not catch a lot of girls checking me out. So few weeks ago I was talking with a friend of mine and she asked me how often do I catch girls checking me out? I said Prob 6 or 7 times my entire life. She told me that was not possible and she asked me what I qualified as a girl checking me out? So I told her when a girl intensely stare at me or turn her head around to look at me. She told me that's a guys way of checking a girl out, and when a girl does it. It's much more subtle. She told me that girl will just quickly glance at you or she might just look at you from top to bottom once.

After my friend told me that I feel like a piece of meet lol. I feel like I am getting checked out by girls all the time. Having that said girls have always told me I am a good looking guy so, I don't lack the looks. So its possible I do get checked out that much. But I am curious girls how do you check out a guy?
Girls how do you check out guys?
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