Is he still a player?

My friends told me from the first day I met him that he was a commitment-phobic flirt and player. They know him before I did, so I believe what they said.

He instantly showed interest upon meeting me, and I decided to take him for a little spin. (My friends said that I should put him in his place, and give him a taste of his own medicine) I flirted shamelessly over text, and the next time we went out with a couple of other friends, he treated me like a girlfriend and observed. However, I kept my head clear the whole time and was not convinced that he truly had feelings for me.

Later, my friend spoke to him and warned him not to hurt me like he did with all other girls. He ended up confessing to her that he did like me and my personality. Then, she told him that I knew all all of his bad traits since the day we met-- and he didn't talk to me since.

I think that he's definitely still a player if he didn't even bother to explain. What do you think?
Is he still a player?
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