How can I stop being jealous of my ex boyfriend?

i was in a 2 year relationship with him...he dumped me and 2 months after the break up he started seeing his friend from school...when we were together he knew that I hated her! and now he is dating her..and they have been together since past 5 months..its eating me inside they are having so much fun all the things that my ex did with me he is doing with her...also he recently met her family and I think they might get its pissing me off..its moving so fast and I am still the miserable same piece of crap! :(( I hate it so much! all I gave was love to him...and he dumped me for her...i feel like crap..feels like I wasn't good enough for him! and I am jealous of him and his new HAPPY relationship...he hasn't contacted me since the break up...its depressing .. I always check his fb even though we are not friends anymore...i am a wreck! :( how can I not be jealous? good things happens to bad people! life is so unfair!
How can I stop being jealous of my ex boyfriend?
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