Bowls on airplanes, yes or no?

i am traveling back home from vacation, while on vacation I bought a very cool swan bowl, but I was not planning on checking my bag since it was 25 dollars... the bowl has a pointy edge not really pointy but you know. so will it be a problem to take it on a airplane? or should I fed ex it back?
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I ended up looking on their website... I took it with no problem. Although I did get double searched and they took my toothbrush and baking soda I use as toothpaste because it "looks like an illegal substance "bullsh*t. He was just an ass. :) thanks everyone. And the people asked if it were salad bowl... who has that kinda bowl in the shape of a swan? Just curious because I kinda want one now lol.
Bowls on airplanes, yes or no?
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