Does this mean my ex still has feelings for me?

My boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago. It was his decision to break up. We had been on and off for about 4-5 months. He was very sweet but could be immature at times and he was very inexperienced with relationships.

A lot of the reason for breaking up (this time and previous times) was because he would get confused about things, lust/love, friendship, what dating should be like, religion, etc. After figuring things out he would come back to me and we would try things again. (And no, I know for sure he wasn't with anyone else during this time).

We have always been friends so even though things are awkward initially we are still trying that now. We were apart for the summer so while we were together one of the things I did for him was write in a journal every time I thought of him (missing him, thoughts of him, etc). After the break up I asked him what I should do with it and he said he would still like it. He also asked me if I could maybe continue with it until I finished the notebook I was using if it wasn't too upsetting. I asked why and he gave vague answers but when I asked his feelings on receiving it he said he would really like it.

Does the fact that he still wants a journal from me, with every entry having to do with me liking him in some way shape or form, mean that he still has feelings for me?
Does this mean my ex still has feelings for me?
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