Do I still have feelings for him?

so me and this guy dated for 3 months. but it wasn't a glorious relationship. he cheated on me, and he abused me. sexually, physically and verbally. so I dumped him the second to last day of school last spring. we Haven't said a word to each other or even seen each other since the break up. but today he drove by me 6 times on purpose. and one of the times he smiled really big and rev'd up his engine like a big hot shot. and fish tailed and left. after that, he texted me. and has been for 3 hours. every time I get a text I hope its from him, every time I heard a loud car, I hoped it was him comming by again. and I can't stop thinking about him.. Do I still have feelings because I never got closure? or do I just think I like him? what's going on? and how can I fix it?
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oh and I forgot to mention: I haven't dated or even liked anyone since we broke up. which was 2 months ago. my record for being single ever is 2 weeks.,
Do I still have feelings for him?
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