Now it seems like he is blowing me off, why?

Well it started innocently enough, we met through our kids sport class, he pursued me and I accepted, we went on two dates, but we knew each other so it wasn't weird, the sexual tension was extreme, so on the second date one thing led to another and well you know what happens next, and we talked afterwords and everything seemed fine he even called me that night to say good night, now he seems to just be brushing me off, telling me he's busy saying he will call then doesn't is this over?

i am really confused because he seemed to be such a sweet guy and I thought I finally found a good guy, like he asked me if I wanted more children and I said no and he said the same and he said we have the perfect "family" one of each sex.

i just don't get it, unless he is really busy and I am being too needy? I messaged him it shows he read it but no response so wth?

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any more answers?
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another thing is that he just found out his license was suspended, a family member died, and he started a new job so maybe I am jumping the gun?
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i'm just confused because b4 he would text me and call me everyday. and all this happened on tues

Now it seems like he is blowing me off, why?
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