Is this some sign? Why is my crush bringing this up?

So last night my crush and I were talking late night for like 7 or 8 hrs today (normally I talk to this guy on aim like 1-3 hrs a day during the summer ahah). then later on, he brought up to me how his lil' cousin was trying to find his ex on fb, and we started going on about our exes: mostly like bad stuff ahah like how tiring it is to try so hard for the other person, their name, why we broke up with them, all those kinds of bad stuff... plus my ex is his friend too.. Lol still I don't see why he would bring that up tho. then again I think it's gonna only be the first and last time he would bring it up judging by how the convo went (most of the time he kept asking who I dated and how long we dated and joking around. Then he tells me how he felt about being with his ex who was so annoyingly clingy, how he felt after the breakup and how we both broke up with our exes lol) and that he likes me from what he's done and said (even my friends think so too) before and during this summer. he only brough his ex up once so I don't think it's that bad. then we kinda talked about how high school relationships are like complicated and stuff lol. Also I like him a lot ATM so yeah... Anyway, why bring up his ex and personal questions about my past dates?
Is this some sign? Why is my crush bringing this up?
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