Do guys like tomboys?

Just curious really. I don't really get "hit on" a lot and I'm wondering if that's the reason.
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I'm not a crazy tomboy. I like dresses and looking like a girl, but when I'm working out or something I tend to wear basketball shorts, loose t-shirts, and hats. For the majority of the time, I LOOK like a girl. But I don't wear makeup and I don't care for superficial fads.
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^^im new to this website and I accidently updating the same thing twice :P is there a way I can delete them?

uhh I think I shoulda described myself a little more in the question.. so lemme rephrase myself.. I get along with more guys than girls, I'm crazy into sports, I like video games, I wear my brothers old clothes, and I spend most of my time with my brother and/or his friends. though I like dresses, I never wear them unless I have to..

its my fault if any of you misunderstood me
Do guys like tomboys?
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