Would you make the guy you are dating jealous?

ok, we have dated for 2 months already, but only gone out for twice. but we have kissed both times. she's my colleague but we don't see each other that often at work, and when we do, we rarely have time to even say hi...(she gets so busy and don't even text me back sometimes bcz of that) so I haven't contacted her for about a week and half. ( because I was mad at her for ignoring my past two texts. but I rarely call her unless its like right before the date and stuff, as a matter of fact, I never even call her for chatting) so today we finally met each other at work, and had lunch together with two other friends. then we had to go to a briefing in an auditorium and we were sitting next to each other. bcz we had to be quiet(my working environment is really strict), I didn't really chat with her. but she would keep talking to my friend sitting on her left hand side, and even has her body kinda turned to him. I can see her knees pointing to 10 o clock, and slightly leans into him. I was kinda mad, I saw them laughing every once a while. I know they don't know each other that well and they've never even talked like that b4 and my friend is not physically attractive at all. so I pretended to be sleepy and acted like I was completely cool with their interaction to avoid awkward feeling. (I did not look sleepy at all tho) every once a while she would reach her hand out so I could respond with some touching (happens every time I c her) or ask me if I'm alright or look at me with smile(of course I smile back but I was actually mad at her for what she did)

I try to keep it professional at work, and so does she. so we haven't really told the whole world that we are dating but what she did today made me feel embarrassed.

so do you girls like to do that to guys or is she disinterested now?

I've gave you guys so much details that if she read this, she would know its me. please help...

god I hope she doesn't see this. I have never been this into a girl before...

Would you make the guy you are dating jealous?
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