Going to someone's mom about their behavior...good or bad?

My friend is developing a drinking problem it seems. She goes out just about every other day during the week & then gets drunk all weekend. I know she's not happy because she comes off as sad to her family. No one is able to sit down and talk to her because she acts like she doesn't care, or she blows up and storms off. I personally I haven't hung out with her in over a month or even spoken to her. I went to her house today to get my curling iron that I left last month, and I sat down and talked to her mom who agree's with me & wants to help my friend/her daughter. Was it bad that I went to her mom about how I felt? Or good? Her mom told me that she just wanted my friend to understand what drinking all the time can lead to, and she wants her to handle her money better since she's always broke from going out drinking & has to borrow money from her parents all the time.
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right. I didn't go over there with the intention of talking to her mom about my friends life, it just came up in conversation. I just hope nothing bad happens to her when she's out drinking.
Going to someone's mom about their behavior...good or bad?
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