Is she still interested in me?

-about me : I'm a shy 16 yo guy and I'm not so good at approachin an talking 2 girls

there was a girl wth me in school last year ... I thnk she liked me at the beginning of the year as she tried to talk to me a lot and asked me for thngs (ex. a book , revision sheet .. etc.) thn aftr som time she stopped doin tht

aftr like three months she gave me her num sayin tht it was to call her when a class we took together started (when I took the num. I waas ringin her so she knows ma num but before her phone rang she thought I wasn't gonna ring her and asked to take ma num but when that same incident happend with ma friend about anothr class she couldn't care less about taking his num)

what confused me is that I was always the one to start textin or chattin on Facebook ... she also ddnt call me although when I called her she talked so nicely and jst laughed at anythin I said (which I thnk means she likes me) but I don't know if she was jst showing to be nice

some othr time .. I kinda pulled her bag gently (jokin) so she looked to the back (wher I was ) and we jst lookd at each othr an smiled for a couple of seconds

im really getting confused .. do you think she jst takes me as a friend or she has somekind of feelings towards me

an if she likes me how come she nver called me or textd me (she isn't the kind of shy girl)
Is she still interested in me?
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