Should I wait to text him?

theres this guy I had liked. I was physically mentally emotionally abused and by my first ex and it had me suffering traumatic effects onto my life. I'm not really a dating person after that. I never really liked a guy after him. I liked this guy and we known each other for years like around 3 or 4 and I kept trying to push him away and this year I finally gave him my attention. we became friends I seen a lot in him I liked. all of sudden things shifted in another direction. it seems like everything was all about sex I tried to put things back the way they were and it was hard but didn't work. I'm only kept having sex because I liked him and I'm not the type of girl that lays down and have sex over and over.i didn't want him to stop talking to me. so a couple of days ago when we was having sex I was not comfortable with it at all from the beginning but I did it anyway. he looked at me and felt so guilty he seen his true colors as in the wrong of what he was doing. now he says he can't talk or see me anymore it felt wrong. he felt guilty and that it was wrong because we wasn't together. I been feeling the same way for a long time and wen he looked up and seen that I'm not the type of girl that should be did like that. so now I'm leaving him alone period to see if he comes back do anyone think he will return trying to be a man and fix other question is do you think I should wait a couple of days to text him or text him today or don't at all to see if he really is a man?
Should I wait to text him?
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