I still love ex, time to move on or rekindle?

Basically I broke up with my ex because of certain communication problems, we wouldn't solve our problems very healthy. Most of the issues were left unsaid..

I was the one who broke it off because I was fed up with the ways things were. I feel like her heart belongs to someone else even though she says I could never be replaced. I want to move on right now and I am trying my best, I have been seeing someone else very recently and things seem to be fine and all but it's like when I come home to bed and begin my sleep all I can think of is her and what is she doing, what is she thinking or what is she feeling right now. I know we've hurt each other in the past and I guess my reasonings were immature but I kind of wanted her to experience or have a taste of what kind of pain she has caused me. I know we aren't supposed to hurt the ones we love but sometimes I push the ones away by hurting them because I feel like they are neglecting a certain truth or concern that I have. Sometimes I feel like that person never did love me, it drives me insane. So I kind of regret ending things with her and not giving my all but sometimes it seems like my energy put into it will do no good for her. So I had to leave her. Save us the pain and wasted time. But I still can't get her out of my mind.

Have I made a mistake? Part of me hasn't forgiven the past and a part of me wants things to progress into something new, something better..though we hurt each other yet I feel strongly for her.

should I maybe move on? Is this a dead end? Even though I am

seeing someone else now I still feel a certain emptiness in my heart. I still get emotional thinking I've lost a certain part of me. I drink myself to sleep at night lately and I can't help but reminisce and tear up from seeing so much potential go to waste.
I still love ex, time to move on or rekindle?
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