Does he not want to meet?

I met a guy recently that by pure chance happened to live near me at home. How we met was just odd, I was asleep on the plane and he got on with his friends and ended up sitting in our aisle we didn't talk as it was an early flight. Anyway when out the following night this letch was doing my head, looking for an escape was was looking around and saw the guy sitting in our aisle, I made me excuses saying I knew someone and just wanted to say hello. Anyway I just went over and started chatting to him, we got on really well, we ended up spending all night chatting and he asked me to meet him the following night. I did although I was late and he was a bit over complimentary at first and it freaked me out, but he was just hilarious. I met him anyway and yet again we had a great time, next day he spent all day round the pool with me and we went for dinner. He even wanted me to come with him to the ocean club I said no as he with with friends and they prob don't want some girl tagging along. Anyway I said lets meet when home, he called me at the airport to say bye, then the following day when I was on my last night telling me to hurry up home etc. Anyway we met up in London I organised it as I work in events, brillant night very affectionate. Next date I helped him pick out some clothes and had a real laugh with him and his mate shopping. The reason we were shopping is he was going to LA on holiday for 2 and half weeks to visit his half sister, and I was going to Ibiza for a week. Anyway he was saying lets meet up when home and told me he was going to miss me and that he would sort his room out when home as he has just moved into a new place. Promising?Anyway I told him I was looking forward to seeing him when home and not to worry about ibiza as he was moaning about blokes chatting me up. He said be in touch when home and I didn't want to interupt his holiday so didn't text him while away but neither did he. Anyway when home I text him asking how the holidays were, he works as a policeman so sometimes works long hours and said he was straight back to the grindstone and working all weekend, the text was quite short and unlike him then I told him I was in brixton going to a fancy dress party, he asked what I was going as but didn't mention meeting. Anyway I emailed him Monday asking for any funny stories from the hols and he said work has been manic at the moment but "lets try and meet soon and I can tell him about my holiday" - to be honest I thought this was a bit vague but I just said yeah sure let me know when your free - Got to Friday and nothing so I text him asking if he was alright cause he seemed different, he said I don't understand Laura I told you I wanted to meet you sorry for not texting right back but I don't live my life through my mobile - I just said its not that just you seem vague that's all and I apologized, he said lets speak soon ok? starting to think he doesn't want to meet or has a girlfriend who was out of town? don't get it!
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Ok so since this last essay, things haven't really progressed, we have sent a few emails and texts, then he emails me this Friday saying sorry for the lack of contact and that he will be in touch with me over the wkend, I didn't reply to his email taking his word on it and doesn't contact me? What's the point in even saying he will? This bloke is way too odd! help? Again blaming work being manic..should I just give up?
Does he not want to meet?
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