Why does he Facebook chat me everyday, even when he has a girlfriend?

okay so there's this guy that I know on Facebook, he goes to the same high school as me and we have talked and had lunch together with our friends, cause we have some of the same friends. anyways, a couple months ago he started talking to me on Facebook and I started chatting him. and ever since that day he pretty much Facebook chats me everyday and we talk about random stuff sometimes sexual, and he tells me that I'm hot and that he'd tap that...im not a slut and I've never had sex and I've told him that and he told me he knew that already cause of the way I carry myself, he also said he used to like me.(btw...i don't like him at all)So, after a couple months of talking online and hanging out at lunch with out friends he tells me he really likes a girl. I talk to him about it and later on he finally goes out with her,well now there dating and he seems like he likes her alot...he still talks to me online. I'm not saying he can't cause he dating someone, but he talks to me about sexual stuff and how I'm hot... he seems so interested in my life and when I go on Facebook he pops up and says hi and asks me how work is, and how my life is, and what I did that day, he told me if I was a p*rn star he'd watch it,and he also knows I don't masturbate so he tells me I should and I ask why and he say he just wants me to be happy...?. I don't know, what does all this mean I'm confused, guys what do you think this means.
Why does he Facebook chat me everyday, even when he has a girlfriend?
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